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ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá 4K Consulting is new to the mobile application market. Check out our other apps at the Apple App Store.

Great new products are coming soon. Look out for our app which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to interface to 3rd party electronic equipment.

for iphone & iPods

Do your children struggle with basic arithmetic? High school maths education relies on some basic numeracy skills many children do not have.

DanceMath aims to make practicing basic numeracy skills into a fun game.

Play your favourite tunes on your iPod while practicing your number skills. Five minutes a day can really make the difference!

Play alone, and keep track of your best scores on your personal leader board. Or hook up to a mate using the bluetooth and go head to head. First to answer gets the points!

Earn 1 hint for every 5 correct answers. Pressing the hint button gives you a clue to the answer by turning the required buttons white. Alternatively, purchase more hints from the in-app store to get ahead of your mates!