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ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá 4K Consulting delivers high quality software and programme management. Its employees have more than ten years experience in all aspects of software development and large-scale project management.

With a background in software for the engineering and business sectors, 4K Consulting Ltd are now entering into the world of mobile applications. Use your smartphone to interface with your engineering applications. Visit the iPhone and Android marketplaces to download our apps.

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Customised SOFTWARE

If you require customised software for your embedded product, PC application or mobile app, contact 4K Consulting for a no-obligation free quote.

4K Consulting aims to deliver high-quality software and programme management.

As well as engineering and business sector applications, 4K Consulting has a keen interest in educational and psychology app development.

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At 4K Consulting, we have extensive experience in the following areas:-