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ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá ááá 4K Consulting is new to the mobile application market. Also, check out our educational maths app at the Apple App Store (DanceMath).

Great new products are coming soon. Look out for our app which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to interface to 3rd party electronic equipment.

'Spotty' spot the difference
for iphone & iPods

Based on the psychological principles of how humans perceive both colours and shapes, this game tests your reaction time when making simple 'spot the differences'. It is deceptively simple and unexpectedly annoying. Press the 'hint' button when you just don't believe there is a difference!

Spotty spot the difference turns basic perception into a fun game.

Practice on different difficulty levels. Easy starts you off with a few, stationary spots of disparate colours, but the difficulty quickly increases until there are lots ofá spots of similar colours moving around the screen. The free version contains only spots, while the in-app purchase allows you to progress to a mixture of both colours and shapes.

After your practice runs, perform time trials to track the best scores on your own personal leader board.